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May 2024

Happy Spring!

We are seeing a slight pick up in activity here at Ossanna in Quarter 2.

Clients new and old are making moves to expand and grow and we are helping!

We are grateful for our fantastic new clients and as well as our loyal long-term client partners.

Our smaller On Demand client base continues to grow and the larger corporate clients remain steady.

Due to the overall business climate, Ossanna also saw a bit of resurgence in our Resume writing and Outplacement service offerings. We are happy to help, when and where we can.

We have also found success with some of our established clients, in conducting searches and adding consultants in non-HR areas. Ask us, we can do it!

In case you missed it-

We wanted to alert you to a recent podcast that we were invited to do relative to Ossanna and our services. It is brief for you to listen to and was fun to do. Since this was my first foray into “podcasting” and was a twinge nervous,

I started out by saying Ossanna was established in 1998.

WRONG! As our fan club faithful know we began the company in 1988.

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