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Greetings to our wonderful HR community and beyond!
We are happy to say that Ossanna is flourishing here in the new year!

As an update, we no longer have our offices in Rolling Meadows and have embraced the 100% remote working model. Please note our new address.

We would love to hear from you and stay connected.
The best way to do so, is to use our mobile numbers or emails, this website, or social media channels.

We have never seen the job market quite so busy! The velocity of hiring and movement has reached new levels. With many of our clients hiring, we continue to strive for best-in-class service to both the clients we serve, as well as our candidate community. But we appreciate your patience as we train new internal team members and stretch to new levels of busy!

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest additions to the Ossanna Internal team last year as we continue to rebuild and grow. Key rehires Julie Ellinger and Bernie Vogel, along with new hires Kelly Estrada, Brenda Doberstein and most recently Brooke Glover.

Please feel free to connect directly with any of our team to say hello.

Most of all, we are hoping that all of you are HEALTHY, HAPPY and BUSY and we look forward to seeing you virtually! Happy new year. all, we are hoping that all of you are HEALTHY and BUSY and looking forward to the day when we can all interact more personally again and continue our 32+ years of full contact HR!!

Nikki L. Teik

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